Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Luke broke his wrist Monday afternoon. We took him to the urgent care around 6:00 and they put him in a splint. Then yesterday morning we took him to the orthopedic doctor and they put the poor little guy in a cast. :( He seems to be in fine spirits. A little frustrated that he can't crawl around, but we are hoping he will figure out someway soon. Pray for the little guy and for us please! He gets the cast off on January 7th. So just before his 1 year birthday!


  1. Amy! He's a little man already! Handsome little guy! Thanks for including me on your blog list.

  2. Sorry to hear that he broke his wrist! I am sending my walker toy with Becky tomorrow for ya to use... hopefully he'll better being mobile in it! :-) Love your blog BTW!