Friday, January 30, 2009

My first loaf of bread!

Or at least my first successful loaf of bread! I don't know why I have not been able to bake one before...

We were given a bread machine as a wedding gift and I tried it once 5 years ago with some friends but it didn't turn out. Then a week or two ago I tried two different bread mixes I had in the cupboard. I put one in the bread machine (just dough cycle) and it never rose. Then the second box I mixed and kneaded myself and it never rose either! Frustrating!

But today my wonderful mother-in-law came over with her recipe and it worked! It is so delicious! Thanks Kathy!

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  1. Great job Ame! Your loaf looks quite impressive! My wonderful mother in law (and gramma in law!) make bread almost daily so I have picked up their "tradition"! It's so fun! Just this week I've made three batches of flax rolls... yum! Before ya know it you'll be a bread makin fool, I'm sure Matt won't complain! Haha, I just thought of our "Proverbs 31" days... I have to say we're doing pretty good! :) Just kidding!