Friday, July 10, 2009

Too Ambitious

I think I was a little too ambitious yesterday. I didn't take in to account that teaching obedience would, of course, bring about much more crying and whining (Luke actually doing it, me just wanting to!). So for now I think I will just work on him listening to us when we tell him to pick up his toys, or to come, or stop. Things like that. We'll get to the whining once we get a better handle on these things.

Last night he was being super goofy, running up to me like he was "surprising" me and then telling me bye while he hid behind the chair for a second and doing it all again. I guess he still loves me.

Last night when I was holding him I reminded us that we are both still works in progress. I know as much about being a mom as he knows about being a toddler. We'll figure it out.

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  1. enjoyed reading a little where you are at currently. look forward to a more extended conversation!