Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun Weekend!

We had such a nice weekend! Rach, Matt and I headed up to Marblehead Thursday evening and stopped at Cheddar's for supper. I had to laugh because I am normally at home with kids in bed by the time we got our food. FUN! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mark and Kathy for keeping Chloe and Pukey Lukey! Luckily he was only Lukey the rest of the weekend.

Friday morning the three of us headed to Cedar Point for the day thanks to Rachel's work! We had so much fun on all the rides and with our free drink wristbands. We got back in time to get a shower before mom and dad arrived with our kiddos. It was fun having a "day off", but it was sure nice to see them again! Matt and I were talking Thursday night and not sure how we will leave them for longer for our anniversary. **Side note**With the way Luke is whining today I don't really think it will be all that hard! :)

Saturday Matt went fishing with my cousin Matt and my dad. They limited out on perch in just a couple hours! They had a fun time and we had a nice fish fry that night. We took Luke to get ice cream that afternoon and then to the lighthouse. He had fun watching the waves and climbing on the rocks.

Sunday we were home for an hour and then headed to Matt's parents for a reunion/picnic. With brats, kickball and lots of cousins it was a fun afternoon. And we found out Jay and Cassandra's exciting baby news!

What a nice weekend!
Now back to dirty dishes, laundry, crying kiddos and unpacking. I'm glad the weekend was worth it.

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  1. AMY... I miss you and you're only 10 minutes away!
    I almost said something about Jay and Cassandra expecting when we were shopping... but didn't know if you knew!! :)