Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes for Feb 16 2011

1. I just finished the second book in the Chronicles of the Kings series by Lynn Austin and I am so thankful! I love the books, but that is the problem. I don't want to do anything else. So I am not letting myself start the third one for awhile. I was telling Matt it's quite a relief to be "set free" from my book reading for awhile!

2. Matt and I have tickets to a Mark Lowry concert next Friday night and I am super excited! I LOVE LAUGHING at comedians and I am so excited that it will all be clean and fun!

3. Chloe loves her "pretties"! The little rubber bands, hair clips or headbands she has. She wants them in almost all the time. The only thing is the hair clips look darling on her, but she likes to pull those out so you put them back in again and again and again. The rubber bands look cute/silly, but that is what she likes the best.

4. Luke hugged me the other day and told me "Mommy, you're my favorite mommy." Awww...thanks.

5. We went sledding Sunday afternoon at the AT&T tower and had so much fun! I thought we would go down the little hill because of the kids, but Matt thought differently. And they loved it! Luke isn't exactly a dare-devil so we were excited that he even wanted to go down by himself a few times. And he walked and pulled the sled up the hill almost the whole time. Chloe-girl just stayed in the sled and rode down and up down and up.

6. Anyone heard of Red Light Therapy? There is a place in Bluffton that does it and I would love to try it! It's supposed to help with skin tone, acne, cellulite, fine lines, and those wonderful love scars I have all over my stomach from my two little ones. Plus I think it would feel awesome to lay in a tanning bed type machine, but without the health concerns.

7. I love that the sun is shining and it is going to be warm today! Thank you Lord!

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