Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Highlight of my Vacation!

Yes, we actually got to meet him! I have never met a "famous" person before and it was so cool! I told Matt, I think it's because he actually helps people. There's a point to him being famous, he's not just some tough guy star athlete or self-absorbed movie star. Had we talked to him much more I would have started crying. Now just Beth Moore and Angie Smith to go...and I will cry if I ever meet them!

Make sure to read the quote Matt is standing by. I had to get a picture of him with it.

We were so impressed with the place. We were personally greeted when we arrived and the lady told us Dave would be out in a few minutes. Exciting! They had seats out where you could sit and watch/listen to him do his radio show. And you could see when the callers would come in. There was also a book store/coffee shop across from his show where everything was complementary and delicious. They had fancy coffees, water, pop, different kinds of homemade cookies, muffins, desserts and huge chocolate covered strawberries. The lady that does the baking was so sweet. I had talked to her on the phone a week or two ago and she makes you feel like they really are glad you came to visit. Bonus for us...it was only about 15 minutes from Jake and Kate's!

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