Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making Progress

I made progress today on some of my goals for 2009.

I worked on Luke's baby book for over an hour and found most of the pictures I want to put in it still. I got his last hospital bracelet taped in, along with a baggie from his first haircut. I filled out a few more sections in it to try and catch it up. I made a list of the monthly pictures for his calendar and found pics for his birthday scrapbook page. Geesh! I'm sure our future children will be lucky if they get one of these!

I also completed a few more blocks on my quilt and framed it for the next section. Almost done! Only 12 (I think) more blocks to quilt plus sewing the edge. I started this for Luke before I was even's taken me a little longer than expected. :)

It sure feels good to get these projects out and worked on. And who knows they might even be done before 2010!

1 comment:

  1. You are doing great! I haven't even started Hudson Scrapbook. I have the pictures printed, the pages and book and supplies, I just haven't done it! I am waiting now for a table to set up upstairs so I don't have to keep getting it out then putting it all away. So we'll see how long that takes me! You're right though on thinking if the next munchikns will get anything! lol How is Luke feeling?