Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Week

A new week is here...thankfully! Last one was a bit rough. Luke came down with a BAD cold Saturday night after a fun weekend of playing in Marblehead. He got to see family, eat at Pizza Hut (all over him!!!), play at the park and go fishing/a bit of swimming in the pond. Fun weekend. Rough next week.

Monday he had a fever as high as 104.3 at one point. All he wanted to do was lay on my lap all day. I took him to the doctor, but they weren't sure what was wrong so he had to have a blood culture done there and then Matt and I had to run his urine sample up to the hospital at 8 that night.

The next day he fell on his toy barn and busted his top lip good! It scared me to death because his whole mouth was full of blood!

Tuesday night Matt and I wake up at 2:30am to a mouse in our register. The next morning Matt saw the thing running around the house 3 times! He caught it on the 3rd run. Good thing because I couldn't stop crying (I never knew I would be so scared of a mouse).

Thursday morning Matt and I both wake up with Luke's cold and the doctor calls to tell us Luke has a bladder infection. Poor little guy!

By Friday the antibiotics were kicking in and Luke was back to his old goofy playful self. Unfortunately Matt and I were miserable.

But today Luke is doing great and the doctor gave me antibiotics for a sinus infection. By tomorrow I'm hoping I feel much better too!

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