Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Graduation Weekend

Friday after school we left for Anderson, IN to spend the night and attend Jake and Kate's graduation.

Luke had lots of fun that night. Jake and Kate were swimming at the hotel when we got there, so the three of us put our suits on and joined them. Luke wasn't too sure what he thought at first, but ended up having a blast. Afterwards he got a warm bath and pizza at 9:00 at night which is normally his bedtime. PARTY! He was having so much fun he decided to stay up until 10:45! Yikes! Then at 5:45am he joined Matt and I in our king size bed for the rest of the morning. Although there was plenty of room he insisted on laying some part of his body on me the whole time. Head, butt, feet...didn't matter to him as long as he was with mommy.

The next day we went to Jake and Kate's graduation and Luke did fantastic. It was fun seeing Jacob Stephen Habegger and Katie McKenzie Habegger listed in the program together. And Kate graduated with honors also! Afterwards we celebrated by going out to eat with everyone. My family, my grandparents and Kate's family.

It wasn't much fun saying bye to Jake and Kate as they headed to Richmond, VA for Kate's grad school. But we are excited for them to try something new and are hoping we can find cheap flight tickets for this summer!

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