Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mr. Amstutz's 8th Year

Matt is finishing his 8th year of teaching tomorrow! I thought I would show what a talented hubby I have. When he took this job the kids were making candlesticks. Now look at what they do!

I wish I could show close up pictures of the projects so you could see how nice they are. But you can either read the kid's names or they're in the picture. But he's a talented teacher!


  1. i'm actually quite impressed!!! but, 8 years of teaching?!?! he's one old dude....:):)

  2. by the way, according to your little pregnancy marker thing, you are half way done with your pregnancy!! how fun is that?! :) i can't wait for another little vanilla bear to come along! maybe it will be a girl, then her and moshe will get married & have a mocha cub! :):) oh the dreams....