Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Coming...

Over the past few years I have really enjoyed the coming of the new year. Not so much the "ringing in" of the new year (when I have made it the last few years it has been with lots of effort!), but the actual start of a new year.
I'm excited to find a couple hours to myself before then to look back at my goals for 2009 and to make new ones for 2010. Which is kind of funny since I am not a goal person...at all! Kind of turns me off, actually. As I am thinking about it it reminds me of track practices, annual work evaluations and overly competitive people. Ugh. So maybe "goal" is not the right word. Maybe "dreams" or "hopes" or "wishes". Those words seem to fit me much better. So hopefully soon I'll have a chance to work on that.

As a side note I had lots of fun playing Monopoly Deal with my hubby today! It was fun to take a break from housework and just play.

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