Tuesday, December 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes

This blog I like, Making Home, does "7 Quick Takes Fridays" which I think she got the idea from here. But anyways, I like it. You just write seven random things. Which is kind of how I think, so it fits me perfectly. So here is to my first "7 Quick Takes Friday" (on Tuesday).

1. We hired our first babysitter tonight. It went well I think . Kind of makes me laugh, I feel like I was just doing that; not being the old people who's house I was going to to watch their kids.

2. Chloe is finally eating and gaining weight. Her face is getting a little fuller and she is actually getting a little round belly. We are getting pretty used to the no gluten thing and it's working nicely.

3. I like to sew and wish I knew how more. I made Chloe two little cute bunnies from a Martha Stewart tutorial. Kathy came over and helped me a bit with the second one, and I found out I knew even less than I thought I knew about sewing. But they turned out cute, and I think she will like them.

4. Chloe said "Night-night" and "more" the other day. It was more like "nigh-nigh", but it was sure darn cute.

5. She also stuck her hands in Luke's little potty...not so cute.

6. We have been reading The Advent Book this month and I really am enjoying it! It makes the whole Advent season seem special.

7. Confession: I never knew what "Advent" was until last year. :)

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  1. Confession (RE #7): Me either. :)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one whose brain works randomly.