Thursday, January 6, 2011

7 Quick Takes - Jan 6, 2010

1. I made this! It is for Luke's birthday and it is a crayon roll up. I am going to try to rip out a stitch and put a small notepad on the left side. Since he will be 3 next week (sniff sniff) Matt and I would like him to start sitting in church with us instead of going to the nursery all the time. Maybe this could be just for Sundays...
2. I had not gotten on my blog in awhile and just realized Jess, from the Making Home blog I talked about left me a comment! Fun! Now it's fun to get any comments, but one from someone who I don't know, but REALLY wish I was friends with. That's fun!
3. And speaking of friends...I am super sad about our friends Jackie, Josue and Moshe moving! Like really sad. Matt and I had said before when other friends have moved away that "at least Gomez's won't move, they built a new house beside her parent's." I guess anything is possible. Although we are looking forward to them moving back with more babies someday!

4. I took the kids to the toddler nursery at church with me today and we cleaned house! I am "in charge" of taking care of that nursery and it felt so good to go through the cupboards and the toys and clean things out! It looks good and I am excited about that.
5. Matt is building us an entertainment center for our TV that has doors that close! WAHOO!!
6. I am looking over my goals for 2010 and I completed some of them. A few more I did great at the first 6 months, not so great the last half. And the one about losing my baby weight was good until about December 25th. So I think I will still count it. :)
7. I started my couponing again after taking a little break. It felt good to go to Rite Aid and score on lots of free or extremely cheap items.

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